Parking spot in greece

Written by ToM

2212.5km later (Vogtland-Schladming-Skopelos) it deserved the peace at this beautiful car park. On the way from Schladming to Skopelos we stopped one night in Belgrade (Serbia). I (Tom) have also organized a new mobilephone number - EU Roaming included. That Serbia is not yet part of the EU, I noticed when my phone told me that there was no credit left. Vodafon wanted 99ct for 50Kb and the mobile phone has naturally cheerfully sucked up until 40 € (2Mb) were consumed, so after about 5 minutes in Serbia. That wouldn´t have been as annoying if we had found the hotel immediately ... so we had to find it without Google, but finally arrived.

At the border from Serbia to Macedonia the officials wanted to see the green insurance card. Oops! They send us to a counter where a nice gentleman would have issued us such a card - for 50 bugs. (I wonder if I would have got a receipt) Well bad was (or good!) that we had not enough cash and a card payment wasn´t possible. So we should have gone back to Serbia to the next city, get money and come back. When I headed back through the border - I had another look in the glove compartment - and there I found an insurance card which was almost up to date. It was enough for the border guards. I turned a second time and we continued our trip.

Then the toll stations in Greece. No card payment. No ATMs at motorway service areas. The cash was already scarce in Macedonia. At the end I still had 11 and Ymea 22 cents in the pocket. We stayed in Volos and the next day we went by ferry to Skopelos. And here we are. On Monday we will start preparing the ship for the season ...