Written by ToM

As Christians, we trust God. Logical! But what does "trust" look like in practice, and how does it manifest itself in our lives? It is easy to say that we trust God when the water and the times are just calm, the sun is shining and we have nothing to bear or suffer from. But it has to prove itself in the storm. I (Tom) had an interesting experience on our flight to Austria. We sat in the latest aircraft - the stewardess couldn´t point it out enough during the obligatory safety briefing - and I enjoyed the view. I thought about the creation and how brilliant and great our Creator is. Suddenly, "Ladies and Gentlemen, as you have certainly noticed, we are going through a few turbulences. We kindly ask you to stay in your seats." Great! Hopefully, all these screws are properly tightened. I can´t really describe what was going on in my head, but the whole situation was as if God were asking me, "Do you trust Me?" And at the same time I had the impression it could be quite "dangerous" to imprudently say "Yes!" at this point. What if God´s plan is not to let the plane land in this world? So what? Do I trust him?

I started gathering arguments why a crash would be a bad idea: our parents, all the other passengers, and the many things we could do here on earth for our Lord ... And it was like he was saying, "Let me worry about that! Do you trust me?

At this point I didn´t manage to say: "Yes, Lord, Your will be done!" I said something like: "Yes, you know everything and you can do what you want, but I´d really like you to stop shaking the plane." And later we safely landed in Salzburg. Of course, I still ponder over the short conversation. Great lesson! I believe that God wanted to show me how deep my trust is in him and that there is still potential for growth. Not just for such situations, but for our everyday life with him. And, of course, my desire is to answer this question better next time. But sometimes it is easier for us to hang our lives on a safety rope than to fully commit it to God.

Do you commit your life to god?

Best regards