Written by ToM

Our ministry here in Greece is also dependent on you. You can support us finacially, through your friendship, advice, encouragement and of course prayer. We are deeply grateful to God for everyone who thinks of us and accompanies us on our journey.

We receive a small salary from the Kingfisherproject. But our "income" should be supported by a circle of supporters. Your donation is not on our private account but on the account of the project, so that our "labor costs" are covered by you.

At the bottom you`ll find possible accounts for donations or regular support.

Donation receipts are available within Germany if you add your full address. For donations outside Germany you can use the Torchbearers International donation form. But for now, it is just possible to donate to Kingfisher Project in generell. Anyway, if you find a field where you can add a note, please enter the purpose of donation „Tom&Ymea Tauernhof“